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The most simple Transition without any visual effects. THe screen transition is done by immediately replace the current Screen with a new Screen.

See: Transition

Inherits from: Transition

Public Functions

virtual voidhandleTickEvent()
Indicates that the transition is done after the first tick.

Additional inherited members

Protected Classes inherited from Transition

A Widget that reports solid and but does not draw anything.

Public Functions inherited from Transition

virtual voidinit()
Initializes the transition.
virtual voidinvalidate()
Invalidates the screen when starting the Transition.
boolisDone() const
Query if the transition is done transitioning.
virtual voidsetScreenContainer(Container & cont)
Sets the ScreenContainer.
virtual voidtearDown()
Tears down the Animation.
Initializes a new instance of the Transition class.
virtual ~Transition()
Finalizes an instance of the Transition class.

Protected Attributes inherited from Transition

Flag that indicates when the transition is done. This should be set by implementing classes.
Container *screenContainer
The screen Container of the Screen transitioning to.

Public Functions Documentation


virtual void handleTickEvent()

Indicates that the transition is done after the first tick.

Reimplements: touchgfx::Transition::handleTickEvent