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The AbstractPainterRGB888 class is an abstract class for creating a painter to draw on a RGB888 display using CanvasWidgetRenderer.

See: AbstractPainter

Inherits from: AbstractPainter

Inherited by: PainterRGB888, PainterRGB888Bitmap, PainterRGB888L8Bitmap

Public Functions

Additional inherited members

Public Functions inherited from AbstractPainter

Initializes a new instance of the AbstractPainter class.
voidframebufferToDisplay(int16_t & widgetX, int16_t & widgetY) const
Convert Framebuffer widget coordinates to display widget coordinates.
virtual HAL::RenderingMethodgetRenderingMethod() const
Return the applicable rendering method of the painter.
virtual voidpaint(uint8_t * destination, int16_t offset, int16_t widgetX, int16_t widgetY, int16_t count, uint8_t alpha) const =0
Paints a streak of pixels (all with the same alpha) in the framebuffer.
virtual boolsetup(const Rect & widgetRect) const
This function is called before any actual paint operation is started.
virtual voidtearDown() const
This function is called after all paint operation have finished.
virtual ~AbstractPainter()
Finalizes an instance of the AbstractPainter class.

Protected Functions inherited from AbstractPainter

FORCE_INLINE_FUNCTION boolcompatibleFramebuffer(Bitmap::BitmapFormat format)
Helper function to check if the provided bitmap format matches the current framebuffer format.

Protected Attributes inherited from AbstractPainter

The width of the widget on screen, used by framebufferToDisplay()

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