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Enabling Touchgfx Generator

After having installed TouchGFX Generator in STM32CubeMX, it can be enabled in your project. Users have access to added functionality from X-CUBE's packs by pressing the "Select Components" button, or by using the shortcut Alt + o in the project menu of STM32CubeMX.

Selecting Additional Software in STM32CubeMX

The following figure shows how TouchGFX Generator can be enabled for a project:

Enabling TouchGFX Generator

If enabling TouchGFX for a Dual-Core MCU, be sure to enable it for the correct context. TouchGFX can only be enabled for a single context at a time:

Enabling TouchGFX Generator for Dual Core

Having enabled TouchGFX Generator in the project should make it visible in the "Categories" menu on the left side of the project menu under Middleware and Software Packs, where it can be enabled:

TouchGFX Generator location in STM32CubeMX project

To finally enable TouchGFX Generator, click on X-CUBE-TOUCHGFX and check the Graphics Application option in the right pane. The UI view of TouchGFX Generator should be visible:

TouchGFX Generator enabled in STM32CubeMX project