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Getting Help

There are numerous ways you can seek help on TouchGFX relative issues in case you get stuck or needs more information in certain areas. First of all you should look through this TouchGFX Documentation. This is the greatest source of knowledge to TouchGFX related issues and cover a lot of areas. If this does not answer your question you can seek for further information at following:

  • TouchGFX Community
    Public forum site in ST Community dedicated for GUI/TouchGFX related topics. Here you will find a lot of questions and answers, some tutorial and videos covering all kind of development issues. And with an myST account (easy and free registration) you can ask specific technical questions and get answers.
  • Webinar and videos
  • Online Support
    Online support site for support requests via web form. Can be used when it was not possible to find any information in the community nor the TouchGFX documentation.
  • Your local ST support channel
    Your local ST contact can either help you directly or get required back-office support
  • TouchGFX Implementer (ST partner)
    Get assistance in any stage of your UI project from one of our dedicated and highly skilled TouchGFX Implementers (scroll down the webpage for a list of implementers). Covering display solutions ready to embed into your project, and services within graphical design, hardware development and production, and software development. Their innovative approach as well as extensive knowledge about TouchGFX and STM32 microcontrollers make them your ideal partner for your next embedded product. Find your implementer and go from idea to end-product fast and easy.
  • ST blog
    Technical news on STM32 graphics and TouchGFX.
  • ST Graphic website
    Website covering ST Graphics.