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UI Development Introduction

Developing a functional UI is an integral part to having a successful embedded graphics product and as such, TouchGFX aims to not only provide fast performance but also a smooth development experience.

The UI Development chapter focuses on the ins and outs of how a TouchGFX application is developed:

  • Software Architecture - describes the overall architecture and design of a TouchGFX application and the relationship between generated code from TouchGFX Designer and user code.
  • Working with TouchGFX - contains information on the workflow of developing a TouchGFX application and the different tools used in the process - from the PC simulator to the numerous supported IDEs.
  • Designer User Guide - contains an extensive guide and tips and tricks on how to use the different components of TouchGFX Designer.
  • TouchGFX Engine Features - contains information on the different TouchGFX Engine features such as bitmap caching, partial framebuffer, multi language support etc.
  • UI Components - contains information on every UI component found in TouchGFX - from widgets to containers.
  • Scenarios - contains different scenarios that developers might run into and how to solve them.