Version: 4.16

Keyboard Shortcuts

Listed below are a full list of the keyboard shortcuts supported by TouchGFX to increase productivity.

TouchGFX Designer Features

File Management

CTRL + NShow startup window
CTRL + OOpen project from File Explorer
CTRL + SSave current project

Startup Window

ESCClose current window

Add Widget Menu

AShow add widget menu (focus search textbox if already open)
ENTERInsert currently highlighted widget and close add widget menu
ESCClose add widget menu


DELDelete selected widget(s)
CTRL + CCopy
CTRL + VPaste
CTRL + ZUndo
CTRL + YRedo
CTRL + FBring selected widget(s) forward
CTRL + BSend selected widget(s) backward
CTRL + ASelect all widgets
← / ↑ / → / ↓Move selected widget(s) 1 pixel
CTRL + ← / ↑ / → / ↓Move selected widget(s) 10 pixel
MOUSE WHEELScroll up / scroll down
SHIFT + MOUSE WHEELScroll left / scroll right
CTRL + MOUSE WHEEL UP / '+'Zoom in
CTRL + 0Reset zoom
MOUSE DRAGSelect widgets


F5Run Simulator
F6Run Target
F7Generate Code
ALT + LShow/hide detailed log

TouchGFX Simulator Features


F1Enables/disables debug info
F2Enables/disables highlighting invalidated area
F3Takes a screenshot and places the image under the screenshots folder
CTRL + F3Takes screenshots of the next 50 frames and places the images under the screenshots folder
SHIFT + F3Takes a screenshot and places it in your clipboard
F4If a simulator skin is used - enables/disables the simulator skin
If a simulator skin is not used - enables/disables window border
F9Pauses the simulator by preventing ticks to be sent to the application. Pressing F9 again will resume normal execution.
F10While the simulator is paused (after pressing F9) it is possible to send a single tick to the application by pressing F10 thereby "single step" the application.
ESCClose the simulator