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Version: 4.16


The most simple Transition without any visual effects. THe screen transition is done by immediately replace the current Screen with a new Screen.

See: Transition

Inherits from: Transition

Public Functions#

virtual voidhandleTickEvent()
Indicates that the transition is done after the first tick.

Additional inherited members#

Public Functions inherited from Transition#

virtual voidinit()
Initializes the transition.
virtual voidinvalidate()
Invalidates the screen when starting the Transition.
boolisDone() const
Query if the transition is done transitioning.
virtual voidsetScreenContainer(Container & cont)
Sets the ScreenContainer.
virtual voidtearDown()
Tears down the Animation.
Initializes a new instance of the Transition class.
virtual ~Transition()
Finalizes an instance of the Transition class.

Protected Attributes inherited from Transition#

Flag that indicates when the transition is done. This should be set by implementing classes.
Container *screenContainer
The screen Container of the Screen transitioning to.

Public Functions Documentation#


virtual void handleTickEvent()

Indicates that the transition is done after the first tick.

Reimplements: touchgfx::Transition::handleTickEvent